5 Things to Know If You’re Considering Liposuction

In today’s world, everyone is obsessed with how they look and how much they weigh. Standards of beauty have become more exact and hard to achieve. People with an “undesirable body shape” are forced to look for solutions, like liposuction surgery. Liposuction is also used for lipoma treatment. If you are thinking about getting the liposuction procedure done, here are five things that you should know about liposuction before you make up your mind.

The Body is Not Suddenly Going to Be Transformed

Liposuction surgery is an effective way to reduce the fat cells in the body. The fat is removed by surgery and it will make you look slimmer, but it is not a weight loss tool. Sure, it will lead to some weight loss, but your body will not be suddenly transformed by the procedure. If you are obese and are keen on losing weight through liposuction alone, you will need to go for multiple rounds of the procedure, with an interval of a few months between the surgeries. The gap between surgeries will allow your body to acclimatise and recuperate.

Don’t Opt For a Surgeon Who Recommends Too Many Kilos of Fat Removal

Ideally, the maximum amount of fat that should be removed from a single procedure of liposuction is 4 to 5 litres. Depending on how much fat you have, the surgeon might consider it safe to remove upto 6 to 8 litres of fat. If your surgeon commits to removing more fat, you should consider changing the doctor. Removing too much fat in a single go could easily send your body into shock, leading to serious repercussions. Opting for a good and trustworthy surgeon should be your top priority if you are thinking about opting for a liposuction procedure.

There Will Be Pain and Swelling

Technological development in the field has ensured that liposuction is no longer the messy and cumbersome surgical procedure that it used to be, especially in the late 80s and early 90s, when it started getting popular. But, it is not as painless and immediate as many practitioners claim. No matter which method your surgeon decides on using, losing several litres of fat suddenly will be a big change for the body and it will require some time to get used to it. While your body adjusts, you will experience discomfort in the form of swelling, soreness, and pain that can last for a few days or a couple of weeks.

You Might Have to Wear a Compression Garment

Due to sudden loss of fat, your doctor might ask you to wear a compression garment. This garment will keep the skin at the areas from where the fat was removed from becoming loose. This is suggested more in the case of older people who lack skin elasticity. Wearing tight compression garments when the body is sore and swollen can be an uncomfortable experience that you should be prepared for.

The Weight Can Come Back

The liposuction procedure will let you lose fat and make you look thinner. But, it doesn’t guarantee that the weight will not come back. Unless you start following healthy eating habits and exercising regularly, you might gain the weight you lost. The fat might even distribute itself to other parts of the body where you didn’t get the liposuction surgery done. This can make you look disproportionate, especially if the weight gain is significant.

Liposuction as a Treatment for Lipoma

Lipoma is lump of fat that starts to grow in the soft tissue of your body. Lipomas are classified as tumours, but are harmless. The most common lipoma symptom is the presence of a soft lump, which is usually 2 inches wide and may feel doughy when you touch it. Lipomas don’t usually hurt, but can cause pain if they bump against nearby nerves.

Liposuction has slowly become the preferred lipoma treatment due to the ease with which the procedure can be performed.

You might want to check with your doctor if you want to know the how much liposuction will cost you. Depending on the procedure chosen and other factors, a rough estimate of liposuction cost will be provided to you.