5 Different Types of Fireplaces Based on Fuel Type

Sitting in front of a fireplace with the person you love; sipping some wine or just reading a book, can be very relaxing adventure. Very few features in a house can offer an instant dreamy escape like a fireplace. The warmth provided during the cold winter nights is one of the leading reasons why homeowners consider installing this structure.

Fireplaces can be broadly categorized into five groups depending on the fuel used. Here is some information you can use when making a decision on which contemporary fireplaces in Quebec  to install in your home.

  1. Wood Burning Fireplace

Most people will think of a traditional wood burning fireplace when picturing a fireplace in their head. Today, there are a number of options under this category you can choose from depending on ease of installation, how cost effective they are to operate and how much heat they give off. Sub categories under wood burning fireplace include;

  • Traditional open hearth
    • Enclosed fireplace
    • Fireplace inserts
    • Wood burning stoves
  1. Gas Burning Fireplace

Even though gas burning fireplaces do not give off the same feel as wood fireplaces, they offer more heat at a lower cost. They require less construction and reconstruction making them a more attractive alternative to wooden fireplaces. Sub categories under gas burning fireplaces include;

  • Directly vented fireplaces
    • Ventless fireplaces
  1. Ethanol Burning Fireplace

They have become a popular trend in the recent past because of their ease of installation. They have a clean, odorless flame and require minimal installation. Many prefer them because they are environmentally friendly and you can find them in many designs to fit your style. Sub categories under ethanol burning fireplaces include;

  • Fireplace conversion
    • Wall mounted fireplace
    • Tabletop fireplace
  1. Electric Fireplace

Of all the indoor fireplaces in the market, electric fireplaces are the most cost-effective. Not only are they easy to install but also they have the option to turn on or off the heating option while still maintaining a fireplace like ambiance. They have a remote controlled heater and have different fire effects allowing for total user customization. Sub categories of electric fireplaces include;

  • Mantal electric fireplace
    • Electric fireplace entertainment center and TV stand
  1. Gel Fireplace

Gel fireplaces are less popular compared to electric and gas fireplaces. They are easy to install because all that is needed is a can filled with gel. Which means that no venting, pipes, lines or electrical wires are required. On the downside heat output is minimal and the gel can be expensive.

Fireplaces do not just differ in the type of fuel used but also in style and design. Designing your fireplace can be easy provided you work with a professional. Visit Ortal today to find a unique indoor/outdoor fireplace that complements your décor.