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Movies are a great way to spend your time.  Going to the cinema to watch a movie is an effort we’re sometimes too lazy to do and that’s where online movie sites come in. Watching movies on the big screen maybe fun but watching movies online has more perks than you think.  

Perk #1: Option to pause and rewind

In the cinema, deciding to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie is a dilemma. If you go, you’ll miss part of the movie and won’t be able to rewind it and if you don’t, watching the movie with a full bladder won’t be as snug. When you watch movies online, you can pause or rewind it anytime you’d like. You need to go to the bathroom? Pause. You need to get more refreshments? Pause. You didn’t catch what he said? Rewind. You forgot to pause your movie when you went to the kitchen and get food? Rewind.

Perk #2: Peaceful and convenient

Watching online means you can watch anywhere with Wi-Fi. You can use your laptop, your tablet or even or phone. You could be in a café, in your car, the library or in your bed. In the cinema, you have to face the fact that no matter what movie you watch there will always be that person using their phone during the movie or you have a people whispering too loud behind you or even worse, crying children. Situations like this take away the comfort of watching your movie in peace. Watching it online can make you appreciate the 123movie more.

Perk #3: Less costly

Most movie watching sites are free like so you can watch multiple movies without spending a dime. All you need is food and a good place to stay and you are good to go. Why so much money on watching one movie when you can watch as many movies you want for free?